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The Courtyard

We are so excited to write about The Courtyard!

In our view it has been one of the best recent additions to Waiheke Island’s food scene and has fast become one of the locals favourites.

Located in the heart of Oneroa Village and open for lunch and dinner, The Courtyard is the perfect step away from the nearby main road and traffic noise. With cute festoon lights over head and plaid blue and white decor, this hotspot feels intimate and comfortable but also has a lively vibe.

Why do we love it?

First off – the food is delicious. This is straight food – no foam, or nuggets of some food you can not recognise.

This is the kind of food you wish you could make, made restaurant quality, and made from fresh and delicious produce. Our lunch time favourites are the sandwiches made from chunky white loaf with avocado and sprouts (NZD$12).

With an open kitchen, you can often watch the owner  Brent Mills, preparing your food. If you are lucky, he will come and say hi. He has great stories of his time owning restaurants in Sydney & Bali.

Secondly – it is affordable. One of the most affordable restaurants on Waiheke Island, in our view.

On an island with a number of New Zealand’s finest vineyard restaurants, and with many marketing to international visitors, lunch prices often start in the high 20s ($28+ NZD). The prices of lunch at The Courtyard range from NZD$12.00 to NZD$20.00.

As the restaurant is small it often gets booked out especially for dinner or over the weekends. Booking in advance is strongly recommended.

Note – Strong selection of international wines,  Mediterranean inspired , cute and cheerful. Happy hour! Outdoor bar.


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