A little bit of Tuscany on Waiheke Island

Poderi Crisci Vineyard & Restaurant is located at one of my favourite areas of Waiheke Island – Awaawaroa Bay.

It marks the beginning of rural Waiheke, after driving through the populated area of Onetangi and over the hill. 

It feels like a call for the simpler life, with the meander along the dirt road, with trees overhead and a creek running beside.

Poderi Crisci itself is also reflective of this slower and more peaceful approach. Rather than the bustle of the island’s most popular restaurants, Poderi encourage you to chill out and take your time. There is no pressure to turn over your table here.

The 4 hour Sunday Long Lunch is the perfect way to catch up with friends or family, or a very intimate experience for couples (if you have 4 hours of things to talk about with your partner!). For those with less time available, there are also A la carte options.

The food is Italian inspired. It is simply delicious. Think lots of pastas, cheeses and fresh produce- with some of it grown on site. The Sunday Long Lunch leaves you satisfied, full and ready for a siesta. As the Sunday Long Lunch or Set Menus are set in advance, definitely ring ahead to discuss variations.

For example vegetarian or gluten free or for those with many food specification order of the El Carte menu.

As the restaurant is super popular make sure you ring ahead to make a booking. Request sitting on the balcony, where you can looks across the wetlands or to the restaurant’s vineyard.

After a meal, if you are not too full, there is a fantastic walk up a very steep hill behind Poderi Crisci where you can take in the views of the peninsula and sea.

Standing atop the hill you can take in the true blend of Waiheke Island. On one side looking down on to the Eco-village, a community of sustainability minded locals, or and on the other looking down to some of the Island’s most luxurious homes,  locked away to the general public behind locked gates.


Waiheke Island is one of New Zealand’s best luxury destinations, offering stunning food, vineyard & outdoor activities, just a short trip from Auckland. Contact Hōpara to book your private guide, and tour Waiheke Island’s most exclusive experiences.

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