Waiheke Island Horse Tours

If you are wanting to truly escape from the chaos of life then the best way to do it is overlooking amazing scenery on the back of a horse! Waiheke Horse Tours specialises in private guided horse riding. They provide 4 different tours up to 2 hours, at the eastern end of Waiheke Island, New Zealand. 

Riding across a 1000 acre private paradise including marine & bush reserves, there are 360 degree views from where you can see across the whole of Waiheke Island and out across the water. Climbing to the top of the hill, you’ll come across a Māori Pa site. The best bit, however, is the silence. Standing on the top of the hill it feels truly serene.

You will be riding through a private farm owned by Sir Rob and Lady Jen Fenwick. Their commitment to preserving the native forest and protecting it from predators has resulted in the return of many native birds. Sir Rob is the inspiration and chairman of the Predator Free New Zealand 2050 movement.

Coming down in to the bay you can see the New Zealand famous Te Matuku Oyster Farm – named after the te matuku/white faced heron. Be sure to try them as part of your Waiheke Island visit. You will find most good vineyards and restaurants serve them. 

Liz, the owner of Waiheke Horse Tours and her team are fantastic. They are able to look after the beginners riders all the way through to the most experienced. Starting with a short class, Liz can provide tips and and the how to on riding. This makes it a perfect activity for children or for those new to riding. 

They also clearly love their horses. Check out here to learn about them all. Some have even starred in The Hobbit!

Moreover, Liz is a true Waiheke gem. Being such a down to earth and knowledgeable local makes her the best private guide for your island horse tour.    


Waiheke Island is one of New Zealand’s best luxury destinations, offering stunning food, vineyard & outdoor activities, just a short trip from Auckland. Contact Hōpara to book your private guide, and tour Waiheke Island’s most exclusive experiences.

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